Tokenized Equity

1. What is tokenized equity?

Tokenized equity refers to the creation and issuance of digital tokens that represent an equity stake in a company, asset, or organization.

A tokenized equity helps users own a small share of ANY real-world asset. For example, if a business has 100 shares that represents its 100% equity. They could create 100 (1:1) or even 1000 tokens on a blockchain that will represent those 100 shares. So if X owns 500 of those tokens, it means they own 50% equity of that company. Similarly it works for properties, businesses etc.

2. What are the benefits of Tokenized Assets?

Increased liquidity: Tokenizing assets enables fractional ownership, which means that users can buy and sell smaller portions of an asset, making it easier to enter and exit investments.

Reduced costs: Asset tokenization can reduce the costs associated with traditional asset trading, such as broker fees or transfer taxes. This can make investing more accessible and cost-effective for a wider range of users/investors.

Enhanced transparency: Transactions on a blockchain are recorded immutably and transparently, providing greater visibility into asset ownership and transaction history. This increased transparency can improve trust and confidence in asset trading.

Improved security: Blockchain technology offers enhanced security features, such as cryptographic authentication and tamper-proof records, which can reduce the risk of fraud or theft in asset trading.

3. Why does it require Blockchain technology?

In order to harness the power of pooled funding, disbursement of collected yield, global customer engagement and to keep the system decentralized and transparent, we developed 0xequity using Blockchain technology. This not only helps us reduce the paper work and long procedures (in comparison to owning these assets in traditional way), but also saves hassle for our customers. Also;

  • Being on-chain makes everything and every process super transparent and auditable. All our financials will be visible on-chain for customers to assess.

  • Decentralization makes us approachable for literally anyone around the globe. Anyone with a valid KYC and a blockchain wallet, is able to use our platform and make an investment.

4. How does 0xEquity Work?

0xEquity allow users to buy/sell fractional stake in real estate and other real-world assets (AirBnB's, Businesses, Solar technology, Gold, Stocks, Bonds etc) from our partners and earn rental income as well as capital gains, all on-chain. It also offers Lending/Borrowing and earning yield through its various Liquidity Pools.

5. Is it safe to work with 0xEquity?

0xequity only works with verified and vetted partners for acquisition and management of real-world assets. Our smart contracts are all audited by industry-leading auditors. Hence, the system is designed with the highest security measures at its core.

6. How is it a better investment than keeping my money at the bank?

With global uncertainties and strict government financial policies, keeping your money at the bank is not at all safe anymore, also the margins are getting thinner each day and in most jurisdictions the bank interest rates are less than 5% (after all the deductions). However, the key difference 0xequity offers is, you own something substantial as Real Estate which is earning you a passive income, as well as capital gains at the end of the term.

For example, you bought 5000 USDT worth of 0xequity shares in X property that yields 9% annual rental income. At the end of the year you get 450 USDT passive income and you still own the property and its rights (rental income may actually go higher than that). At the end of designated term lets say, 1 year, the property is sold and you get your initial investment back. You will have 6350 USDT which is substantially higher and safer than what Banks could offer you in that 1 year. Also, 0xequity investments are flexible and your money is not locked for a term.

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