1. Who holds the deed to 0xequity assets? Who owns these listed properties?

0xequity partners with verified individuals and real estate dealers for enlisted properties. 0xequity legally do not own all the assets and is only licensed to sell limited equity of these assets. Assets purchased with 0xequity seed pool money will be legally owned by 0xEquity Delaware LLC and their 90%-95% of equity will be available for sale on the platform.

2. What happens if 0xEquity no longer exists?

Whatever happens to 0xequity, its JSC's (Joint Stock Company) assets and 0xequity XEFR tokens will remain independent. 0xequity XEFR tokens will continue to represent and prove ownership of the assets contained in the JSC and may be transferred in the market if desired, as long as applicable securities transfer rules are followed. Therefore, YOU remain the owner of the token (representing underlying asset).

3. Who manages the Properties?

0xequity partners with licensed Real estate management firms in every region to manage properties on their behalf.

4. What happens if the property is idle and does not have a tenant?

You will only receive rental income when the property is on rent and rental income is collected.

5. What happens if the tenant does not pay rent

In case, the tenant is not paying the rent. The property management fee shall also not be charged to the investors and will be only applicable to the months when the property is on rent and rent is collected. If a tenant defaults on their rent, they will be removed from the property and replaced with a paying tenant.

6. Is the 0xequity Platform only for listing and selling residential properties?

No. We will be adding Commercial Real estate, Air BNB's, Businesses, Solar technology and US Stocks/Bonds in future.

7. Does the platform only have properties in the US?

0xequity will expand its operations to every lucrative Real Estate market on the planet. Turkey and Middle east shall be added in near future.

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