Investing & Redeeming

1. How do I invest with 0xEquity? What does the purchase procedure look like

  • After KYC, connect your decentralized wallet to 0xequity dashboard or you may create 0xequity’s own wallet (xWallet) which is recommended for Basic users.

  • You must hold either USDT, USDC, ETH, BTC in your wallet to make an investment.

  • Go to "Earn" tab and select the asset of your choice from available options.

  • After selecting "Buy Now", enter the amount of wXEFR you wish to buy. The protocol shall display its corresponding price in USDT, USDC, etc.

  • Press “Buy” button and then confirm the transaction.

  • After your purchase, go to “Apartments” menu on the left side panel and you will be able to see your investment shares and its rental earning in real time.

  • Rental earnings are calculated in USDC which may be redeemed in your wallet.

  • All transactions on 0xequity platform require a tiny fee that could be paid in XEQ.

2. How do i receive my wXEFR tokens?

You will receive tokens in your Digital Wallet registered with 0xequity i.e. Metamask, Trust wallet or xWallet).

3. How do I receive my rental incomes?

Once you have made an investment (actively on rent), you will start receiving its rental income in USDC calculated at every second. You can claim your rent in USDC once a week. This will be in the form of a lock-NFT. This lock-NFT represents your rental USDC and will be redeemable after a certain period (set differently for each asset). Once it becomes redeemable, you may redeem its underlying USDC. These lock-NFT will also be tradeable and transferable in future.

4. What fee is applied by 0xEquity? What it is used for ?

0xEquity charges 0.1-1.25% fees on transactions. It is used to perform platform operations.

5. How to sell wXEFR token?

You can sell wXEFR tokens in multiple ways.

  1. You can sell / transfer your tokens directly to you friend or family or anybody but they first need to do KYC on our platform in order to receive the token.

  2. You can instant sell wXEFR token on platform by paying an Instant Sell fees which is up to 3.5%.

  3. You can sell wXEFR token on 0xEquity marketplace with a nominal fee 0.75% by creating a limit order (0xEquity marketplace coming soon).

5. How much do I need to invest?

You may invest for as low as 10$.

6. What is Expected income?

0xequity marketplace offers investment options from different parts of the world e.g. UAE, Turkey, USA, etc. Hence, the rental income varies in every region. Currently we are offering properties from USA and the rental income is between 9-10% p.a.

7. How does the Property token price evolve?

All the properties listed at 0xequity marketplace are evaluated quarterly in a year and the prices are updated accordingly. For example, if you purchased 10 wXEFR011 for 50 USD each, and, in next quarterly evaluation, its price is set at 60 USD each, the same will be reflected in your digital wallet holding wXEFR011.

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